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Department Research and Education
Attn. C. Huyser
Meibergdreef 5
1105 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Principal investigator
Chaim Huyser, MD, PhD
Phone: +31-20-5663383
Fax: +31-20-8901010
 Huyser Chaim
Clinical staff:
Malindi van der Mheen, PhD
Phone: +31-20-8901402


Institute Description

Levvel is an Academic Center which provides psychiatric care to children, youths and families in the region of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where de Bascule is based. The organization cooperates closely with the Amsterdam UMC, Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. The interest of the client is most important to the organization, therefore, they are always engaged in developing and implementing new methods for treatment.

Short profile of group

Dr. Chaim Huyser studied medicine at the Rijksuniversiteit Limburg in Maastricht, where he graduated cum laude in 1988. He started his specialization in psychiatry in 1990 at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and since 1996 he works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and is since 2011 medical director of De Bascule. He is specialized in the treatment of youth with OCD, eating disorders and tic disorders. The title of his PhD thesis was Neuroimaging studies in pediatric OCD.

Malindi van der Mheen studied Clinical and Health Psychology at Utrecht University and graduated cum laude in 2014. Since then, she has worked on multiple research projects in the field of child and adolescent psychology and psychiatry. In 2016, she started her PhD project at Sophia Children’s Hospital – Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. She has been involved with the data collection of TIC Genetics at the Bascule since 2018.