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Movement Disorder Group
Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla
Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío/CSIC/Universidad de Sevilla
Av. Manuel Siurot S/N
41013. Seville Spain
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Principal investigator
Pablo Mir, MD, PhD
Phone: +34 955923040
Fax: +34 955923101
Clinical Staff:
Marcos Madruga-Garrido, MD
Phone: +34 955012431
Fax: +34955012921

Lorena Garrote Espina, MS
Rocio Escuela Martin, RN


Institute Description

The group activity led by Dr. Pablo Mir is focused on the movement disorders, from both clinical and research perspectives. This activity happens in the clinical context of the Movement Disorders Unit in the Clinical Neuroscience Department at the University Hospital Virgen del Rocio, being part of the Andalusian Health System (Servicio Anadaluz de Salud (SAS). This is a large University Hospital with a Movement Disorder Unit which collaborates closely with the Neuropaediatric Department. Our centre sees 30-40 new patients with TS a year and has over 100 ongoing patients. There is an active collaboration with other regional centres bringing the total of new patients per year to over 50.

Dr. Pablo Mir and his collaborators constitute a group that has managed to get competitive funding. The research lines of the group during the last years have focused on the study of clinical aspects and genetic factors of a variety of movement disorders. The research line of genetics of movement disorders has been reinforced since the joining of Dr. Pilar Gomez-Garre to the group who has wide experience in the localisation and characterisation of different genes involved in several neurological diseases. The results of these studies have lead to several papers and national and international congress communications. TS has become one of the main research topics for the group and it has been reinforced with the incorporation of Dr. Marcos Madruga, a Child Neurologist focusing on tics and others movement disorders.

Short profile of group

Dr. Pablo Mir is a clinical neurologist specialised in tics and other movement disorders. He has acquired a solid knowledge in this area since apart from being trained for long periods of time abroad, in places such as the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, UK. He has also performed training in genetics and animal models of movement disorders. Therefore, he has developed a specific profile which allows him to perform a specialised clinical practice together with the direction and execution of research programmes in neurology at nternational level, in the interface between the cellular or molecular knowledge and medical practice. He is the Director of the Movement Disorder Unit at SAS. He has published several papers as a senior author in the field of movement disorders and obtained funding for research.

Dr. Marcos Madruga is a Child Neurologist focusing on tics and other movement disorders. He has wide clinical experience and has contributed to several international publications.