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Tic and Neurodevelopmental Movements Team (TANDeM)
Evelina Children’s Hospital
Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
Westminster Bridge Road
London, SE1 7EH
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Principal investigator
Dr Tammy Hedderly
 Hedderly Tammy
Clinical Staff:
Raj Seraya Bhatoa
Assistant Psychologist
Phone: 020 7188 7188 ext. 58437


Institute Description

In 2011 Dr Hedderly established the TANDeM service with the support of a GSTT Trust ‘new and innovative’ service grant. This is now an established multi-disciplinary clinic within the paediatric neurosciences directorate with input from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Specialist Clinical Psychologists and a Liaison nurse specialist. It is a weekly clinic and attracts a wide number of local as well as district and some national referrals. The clinic sees several patients per week for assessment, investigation and diagnosis as well as ongoing management which includes psychosocial, behavioural therapy and pharmacological treatments. Evelina Children’s Hospital sits within Kings Health Partner, AHSC which includes GSTT, KCL and the Maudsley Institute of Psychiatry. It has the aim to create a centre where world-class research, teaching and clinical practice are brought together for the benefit of patients. TANDeM has close links to the adult neuroscience centre, Clinical and research genetics department, neuro-immunology services, metabolic medicine and neuro-imaging services as well as full access to neurophysiology services.

The TANDeM Service is leading on UK PI for EMTICS, a European multicentre study (EMTICS) investigating the Paediatric Autoimmune Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal (PANDAS) infections hypothesis. We are also participating in TICGEN an International Project to explore the genes and neuro-biology of Tic disorders. We hold several grants including for Nurse led Intervention supported by Roald Dahl and for psychological therapies such as ‘mindfulness’. The TANDeM team includes Dr Peter Hindley, Dr Sally Robinson, Claire Grose, Dr Anya Kaushik, and Alison Corpuz.

Short profile of group

Dr Tammy Hedderly is an acute paediatric neurologist with a sub-specialist interest in Movement disorders. She has worked in the field of autism from an early stage in her career and has an additional interest in a wide range of developmental disorders. TH provides neurology input into a joint hepatology /neurology Wilson’s Disease Clinic and also provides the paediatric neurology input for the UK national xeroderma pigmentosa commissioned service. TH also provides acute on call general neurology cover for neurosciences including for paediatric intensive care unit and overseas patients.

Raj Seraya Bhatoa assists with clinical assessments and one-to-one/group treatments in the clinic. Raj also asists with clinical audit, service evaluation, and several research studies in the clinic.